Meeting Mrs. Winkler


On the meaning of life, Mrs. Winkler says: Life is about living each day, it’s about impacting others. I try to live off of that quote I have on the wall: ‘May your dreams be bigger than fears, and your actions greater than words.’

Rachel (Rae) Lee, Staff Writer

This past week, I was able to sit down with one of our Assistant Principals, Mrs. Winkler, and speak with her about herself and her past. This interview was simply a way for the student body to meet North Forsyth High School’s brand new assistant principal. Mrs. Winkler is just like many of the students here at North. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is pizza! Who doesn’t like pizza? Like you, she had favorite teachers, and much like many of you, she had to work extremely hard for grades that were just exceptional. She has one sibling, a sister who teaches second grade in Florida. Mrs. Winkler has two kids named Conner and Collin. We had an extensive conversation about her past, and her present.  Above all else, Mrs. Winkler is simply an ordinary human striving to be the best she can be.

Rachel:  So, let’s begin. Where did you grow up?

Mrs. Winkler: I grew up overseas in The Republic of Panama.

 Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I do. I have one sister.

Did you have any favorite teachers growing up?

Oh wow…. Yes… yes I did.

What were their names?

Well… Mr. Collins. He taught geometry, and I hated math. Oh, and Mr. Bails. He taught me history.  And my Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Kelstrum. Of all of those, Mr. Collins would be my favorite.

What were your favorite classes in High school as you grew up?

My favorite class that I took in High School would have to be Psychology. But in college, my favorite class was Sociology.

What college did you go to?

I went to Florida State University, so I am a diehard Florida fan!

Were you a successful student growing up, or did you have to work for decent grades?

I had to work really hard to get good grades. I worked day and night; it came easy to my friends, but it was difficult for me to make the grades. But I still did it. I was a student who if you told me to do something, I’d do it

Did you get in trouble often as a child in school?

Yes, every kid gets in trouble.

Do you have any examples of times you got in trouble?

Oh my gosh! No!

Ha ha, what inspired you to work in the field of education?

I wanted to make a difference in kids lives.

What are your thoughts on the current construction situation?

I am excited for the future of North Forsyth High School.

Do you think that the teachers should be more lenient on tardies due to the construction?

Teachers are very willing to work with students. However, I believe that getting to class on time needs to be a priority.

As a new authority figure, and role model to this school, what kind of an image are you trying to portray to the students?

I want to be known as somebody that people feel comfortable coming to. I want students to know that I respect individuality, I value differences, and I am here to support them.

What would be your advice to the students here at North?

Work hard, be persistent, have a dream, challenge yourself, and anything is possible