Summer 2015 Movie Recap


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Andrew Willings, Staff Writer

The summer of 2015 was incredible in terms of movies. There were fantastic movies that defied all expectations; however, with every great movie, comes a terrible one.

One of the biggest blockbusters of the summer was Jurassic World, an addition to the Jurassic Park trilogy. Jurassic World follows a luxury resort off the coast of Costa Rica where a genetically engineered dinosaur named the “Indominus Rex” terrorizes the resort. The movie scored an average of 71% in professional reviews, a remarkable improvement from Jurassic Park 3’s 50%.

Another highly anticipated movie that hit theaters in 2015 was Minions. Minions was a prequel to the Despicable Me movies, where the adorable little creatures, also known as the minions, played a supporting role. This movie differed from the others significantly by focusing only on the minions.  Unfortunately, this let a lot of fans down and earned itself a solemn 54%. The Despicable Me Series was well received and many enjoyed the minions, but without moderation, it got too annoying for most. Fortunately, many other major animated movies did not. Pixar’s Inside Out followed the emotions in a young girl’s mind. These emotions accidentally ruined all of her memories, spiraling her into a great depression. The movie received a 98%, and for the first two days of its release, it had maintained a 100%.

Some thought the most disappointing movie of the summer was Marvel’s Fantastic Four, one of the longest running comic books.  Many were hopeful this would be a strong turnaround from the first two movies, but it scored worse than both of them with a 9%. This attempt at a third movie defiantly went up in flames. Luckily, Marvel had another movie that came out prior to the Fantastic Four: Ant-Man. This movie scored a 71%, much better than The Fantastic Four.

Strangely enough, a movie about a mute sheep surprised everyone. Shaun the Sheep, a movie based on a short animation overwhelmed watchers and earned a 99%, possibly making it the greatest movie of the summer.

Another happy surprise was Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. After slowly rising up from the first movie from its initial 50%average rating, it made its way up to a 92%.

There were several other movies to come out over the summer, but these were some of the largest. Hopefully more well-rounded movies can be expected soon like The Good Dinosaur by Pixar coming out in late November. Even though the summer had its well and poorly made movies, 2015 turned into a great year for new releases.