History is Repeating Itself: The Syrian Crisis


A Syrian girl pauses in awe of the destruction by the bombing run. She is one of millions of children who are struck by the horrors of this war. Photo source

Connor Tennies, Sports Editor

The Syrian Humanitarian Crisis is the world’s largest disaster since World War II.

The crisis in Syria has shaken innocent men, women, and children. They have been suffering within their own country. Their only hope in surviving this crisis is to move on into neighboring countries, and leave everything they own behind.


Turkey has the largest population for Syrian refugees at two million. This country is north of Syria.  Lebanon is the second largest area for Syrian refugees. This country is on the western side of Syria. The estimate total of refugees is 1.1 million. Jordan is south of Syria. The estimated total for refugees is over 600,000. Iraq, next to Syria on the eastern border has received a total of over 200,000 immigrants. Finally, reports have also shown that Syrian refugees have been moving toward the northern parts of Africa. The estimated total crossing into this area is over 130,000.

The Syrian humanitarian crisis has continued to escalate. Population displacements are increasing, and entire generations of children are being exposed to war and violence. These families are increasingly deprived of basic services, education, and protection.

Thankfully though, the United Nations is supporting Syria in what is believed to be the largest ever appeal for a single crisis. Their estimated total for all the needs affected by the crisis is 8.4 billion dollars.

Many other humanitarian organizations are partnering with the U.N. to aid Syria too. The Mercy Corps is one of thousands of organizations contributing to the cause. They are using private contributions and funding from the international community to actively address the needs of Syrians caught in this terrible disaster.

You can also support the needs from this crisis. Every single contribution helps provide even more food, water, shelter and support to Syrian families and families in crisis around the world.