As you joined in creating yourself, and died only to be reborn again. Photo used with permission by Leilani Gibbons

Tinaye Gibbons, Staff Writer

You are in a constant state of revival

With every moment a dawn of beginnings.


When you answered the call to arms,

As you were devoting

Laying down your life for a ruthless God.

As you joined in sacking Constantinople,

And died with a sword through your chest.


When you prayed to the Gods for protection,

As you felt the flames burning

The building, the books, the people.

As you joined in protecting Alexandria,

And died with a longing for peace.


When you advocated for a new age,

As you fought for the everlasting

Embarking towards an eventual ending.

As you reached the proverbial Heaven

And died in the ruinations of war.


When you were nothing but stardust,

As you felt galaxies expanding

Within the universe and you.

As you joined in creating yourself,

And died only to be reborn again.