Cynical Skin


Drowning in depression…

Asja Walker, Staff Writer

‘Everything will be fine’

That’s all they ever say

The people who hold onto their flimsy beliefs

That nothing is wrong with me

I wish they could see who I really am

Underneath my skin, the skin I loathe

It traps me

Pulling me so far down


‘Nothing is fine’

If they only knew

I would make them pay for everything they’ve ever done to me

They never cared

Hollow smiles and false eyes

The skin I regret, clinging to the darkness

The secrets I keep in my skin


‘When will things be fine’

The question I ask myself day after day

I want to be rid of this empty life

The life that I am not living

My skin screams at me

My cynical skin

The only thing that understands me


‘Everything is fine’

I have fooled myself into thinking this is the truth

If only I can say goodbye one last time

I used to be scared of the end

Until I wasn’t