Do You Like My Hot Chocolate?


Notice that the chocolate is labeled premium. Indulge in the sweet chocolate, and love it. My hot chocolate may or may not be in this box.

Kayla Salemi, Opinion Editor

Do you like my hot chocolate?

Wrapped together in a fluffy blanket,

The warmth seeping into the palms of my hands.

Frozen fingers enjoying the company of the heated mug,

A myriad of white mountains float in the sea

A steaming chocolate sea

Then I will ask again, do you like my hot chocolate?

The scent of cocoa fills my nostrils,

Rich in Color.

The painted snow-flakes on the walls

The rim was stained a deep mocha

A self-made cocoa-stache brimmed the upper lip.

Is my hot chocolate a mere metaphor?

The question laps my thoughts.

The wind cracks against the window.

I am safe and secure behind the four walls,

Four simple walls with no real meaning,

Only protection.

My hot chocolate is the only thing I have

Only for me

My hot chocolate

Not yours, or his, or hers


I ask for the last time,

Do you like my hot chocolate?

My hot chocolate is more than liked,

It’s honored.