Egyptian Myths Are Still Alive Today


Many ancient stories are still present in today’s time. Photo used with permission by Leilani Gibbons.

Tinaye Gibbons, Staff Writer

Sekhmet is an animal on the battlefield.
She guns down every enemy she sees,
smiling when they look at her with fear.
And when she returns
she makes sure everyone has their wounds checked.
As she heals in ways that the doctors can’t.

Bastet works in an animal hospital.
The cats all flock to her
and she laughs, waving it off as a superpower.
She takes many of them home
giving them protection and love.

Horus guides his plane swiftly through the air.
Flying with a falcon on his left.
He laughs at the joy of seeing his kingdom from above.

Osiris works in the cemetery along with Anubis.
They both clean the area and pay their respects to each grave.
At the end of the day,
they have both seen death to last them eternity.

Isis tries to help create new medicine for the sick,
her face falls as she sees another child die.
Knowing her magic cannot help them.

Set laughs at the destructive nature of humans.
He didn’t even have to interfere at all,
they caused enough chaos by themselves.
But it is nice to step in and plant a seed here or there.

Thoth haunts the libraries.
Finding knowledge that he has not yet come across.
He thinks of all the wisdom that had been lost
and weeps into already tear drenched books.

Ra looks out at what his family has become.
He watches as they always come back to him,
seeking his radiance
and he sends them back to do what they must,
to survive.