The Choice


The photo above represents the dark and the light. In the flourishing tree, the leaves are darker in certain places. It was intended to demonstrate “even the brightest side of life has a hidden darkness.”

Lany Campbell, Staff Writer

You are all alone in a tunnel, and all you remember, or know, is you must keep walking. The cave you reside in appears to be as black as night, with shadows an emptiness resembling a ghost town. The walls weep with perspiration, invisible silhouettes crawling along the edges of your periphery like silent stalkers of the night. With an exceptional effort, and staggered steps, you approach a clearing up ahead. Upon reaching the edge of a vast opening, two paths are presented and neither have an apparent end to them. On the left, a golden hue seems to be emitted from the cavern; sending a wave of contentment and comfort. On the contrary, the right side presents a mysterious aura in the way shadows are food for the mouth, leaving you to wonder which one to follow, or to turn back.

After much consideration, your curiosity takes over and you walk down the dark path without a second thought. As you walk along the dim path, the air becomes considerably dense, conveying an impression of approaching the center of the earth rather than the exit. The path eventually narrows to a suffocating closeness, with your limbs brushing the embrace of the walls surrounding you. Just as it seems you will suffocate from the immense pressure and lack of proper oxygen, the walls disperse, leaving a vast impression in its wake. Instead of coming across more paths and tunnels, two silhouettes await your decision. The personas and impressions of the figures convey the emotions and auras of the paths you were previously faced with.

The figure on your left presents a halo of gold, blush pink and silver; while the other displays a suffocating black and red halo with amber eyes. Even through the grotesque features and disturbing cloud, the figure seems to be of a kinder, less deceiving demeanor than the other. The random pink and vibrancy of the kindness seems to be forced and too marvelous to be real; making you second guess your initial decision to follow the angel. Besides doubting the sincere promises the left silhouette promised, you begin to feel drawn to the figure on the right. It has failed to speak since you arrived and has, instead, plead with the amber orbs to follow and trust them, but they will respect any decision you choose. With that in mind, you begin to walk toward the darker figure, and find that it is lighter than once interpreted, and the angelic figure begins to present a terrifying view of what lies behind the cloud.

At that moment you stop and think what do I do?