Band Family Migrates to a New Home


Depicted above is the main room for classes in the new band room, which is used for full ensemble, guitar class, percussion classes, and several other purposes. Compared to the space of the old band room, this is a major upgrade, and many more band items can be stored here.

Marissa Dintino, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, the original band room was overtaken by a brand new one located between the cafeteria and the 300 hallway. Students who have a class in the old band room are now located where the old cafeteria used to be. The main purpose of getting a new band room was for space, as items were often cramped upstairs in the old room, but it is also beneficial in several other ways, especially for the extracurricular band activities, such as marching band, indoor drumline, color guard, ensembles and sectionals.

The old senior cafe is now a music tech room, which connects to the band room. There are multiple offices, practice rooms, percussion rooms, and storage rooms, as well as a closet for uniforms and color guard equipment. Overall, students involved in band seem content with the extra space, but miss the former band room as well.

In the midst of the excitement of getting a new band room, the old one is being refurbished to become a newly furnished chorus room.