There will also come a time when the clouds of sadness and grief depart.

Morgan Champion, Poetry Editor

There will come a time

When the pain gets too painful

When the commotion gets too loud

When you feel too drained to move on.


Drained of tears

Drained of happiness

Drained of hope,


But there will also come a time

When the clouds of sadness and grief




Until that time comes

Until everything feels better

Hear me when I say this:


The sun will shine again;

The hurricane will disappear,

And hope will be like an avalanche.

So keep your head up.


Don’t cave in to what they’re all telling you

Because whatever mountain you’re facing

Whatever tears you’re crying

They’re only temporary.


One day,

One joyous,

Amazing day,

You’ll be dancing free of worry

In heaven.



Dry those tears,

Put on your raincoat,

And fight the storm ahead.