Mock Interviews at NFHS Give Students Real Life Skills


Students who participated in the Mock Interviews had to prepare a cover letter, submit a resume, dress professionally and complete an interview. As a result of this process, they received real life skills that will help prepare them for future careers.

Bella Angell, Staff Writer

You may have noticed that the Media Center was closed March 14, 15 and 16. You may have also noticed that there were many well-dressed visitors coming and going, as well as North students dressed like business professionals. The reason for this was the Career Technical Agriculture Education (CTAE) Mock Interviews.

These are practice interview sessions conducted by members of our community. The students participating are completing their third year in a career pathway, enrolled in Work-Based learning or participating in the Honors Mentorship program.

Many volunteers connected to Forsyth County contribute their time to build an event for our students that will give them real life skills. These students interact with business leaders using their cover letters, resumes, professional dress and interview practice. Each student is scored and receives comments in an online form as well as an open discussion after a 10-15 minute interview process. The comments and discussion offer verbal and written constructive feedback on where the student can improve and what the student did well with. This experience is valuable to the student for their future.

North students had some outstanding community leaders as interviewers. Commissioner Cindy Mills, Sheriff Ron Freeman, FCS Board Member Darla Light, County Solicitor General Bill Finch, several Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputies and many other business and community leaders were in attendance. These influential advisors gave the students a broad variety of input on their career pathways and are helping shape our community one student at a time.