Tackle, Pass, Run and Repeat


Photo by Ben Hendren. North Forsyth makes another touchdown to put them further ahead of Lambert.

Grace Wood, Staff Writer

The North Forsyth football team has significantly done better this season than they have in a few years. Last year, the team only won five games in the whole season. The biggest surprise was North’s win against Lambert, 45-21. In the entire school’s history, the football team has never beat them. During the game, they worked and tackled hard throughout the game and other games as well. North’s defense did well in protecting the quarterback, Ben Bales and the wide receiver, Cedric Touchstone-allowing them to make touchdowns.   The Forsyth County News interviewed Coach Craft, North Forsyth’s football coach about how they managed to pull the win. His response was: “It just came down to who is going to execute better. We battled through the early touchdown and a lot of emotion to start the game.”


A week before this legendary win against Lambert, they also triumphantly beat Central 58-0; the Raiders kept those Bulldogs from scoring any points. Their game against the John Creek Gladiators was pretty impressive too, with a win of 28-6. It seems to be they have been doing exceptionally well. North has not been to the Playoffs since 2013, and their biggest wish is to go this year, which they just might have a chance at. Overall, the football team has been doing a great job so far this season and, hopefully, if they do well enough in the next few games, they will make it to the playoffs.