Unsolvable Mysteries: Tao’s Hum, Hitler’s Death and the Hope Diamond

Here is a picture of the infamous Hope Diamond in its case at the Museum of Natural History. The necklace has not been touched or cursed anyone since being at the Museum.

Here is a picture of the infamous Hope Diamond in its case at the Museum of Natural History. The necklace has not been touched or cursed anyone since being at the Museum.

Grace Wood, Staff Writer

Over the course of human existence, stories have been created-some are true and others are lies, but what about the stories that were never finished or left in utter mystery? There are some parts in history that just do not add up; for instance, if Hitler died in 1945, why was his body was never found? Here are just some of the few stories that may not truly have an answer to and will forever be showered in mystery.


For a couple decades now, people have been perplexed by the highly unusual humming noise that seems to have no evident answer.  In the town of Taos, NM, there is unusual humming noise that has been a mystery since the 1990’s. It has been named Taos Hum since the 1990’s. Moreover, only a handful of people can hear the hum, which makes it very hard to prove. The logical answer is that there is something psychological going on with the 2 percent of people who can hear it, and it can be based on their different experiences as well. There is a theory about what causes it called, “spontaneous otoacoustic emissions,” in which there are very soft ringing noises in the ear.  The intensity on the noise depends on the person. However, the hum has some other interesting theories of the hum. One popular theory is the noise is linked to government mind control experiments nearby the town. Another is an alien spaceship crashed into the mountain nearby, and the aliens are creating the noise.  While there are many multiple theories to what has caused this predicament, it still is unclear what really goes on in the town of Taos.


As everyone knows, Hitler was the leader of the notorious group, the Nazis and, after the war, he was reported to have died in some way or another, or did he?. In school, they teach  that there are two theories regarding to what happened to him; they say that he either committed suicide or was assassinated. No one can be sure what happened to him, since no body or any evidence was recovered. However, there is a collection of people who believe that he fled Germany after the war and escaped to Argentina on a U-boat with a new name and identity. Supposedly, eyewitnesses attest that Hitler was in the country. The FBI looked into the case but due to lack of evidence, it was dropped. Although in the past year, Argentina police have found Nazis artifacts. One of the artifacts had been proven to belong to Hitler; they figured this out by comparing it old photo negatives of Hitler and this particular item. Police think that the artifacts are from German fugitives, but could it be proof of Hitler’s escape?



The Hope Diamond is said to be a cursed object, and people believe that anyone who touches it will eventually die.  It is a rare beautiful shade of blue and has 45.52 carats. Several centuries ago, the diamond sat on top of the forehead of an Indian idol, where it would be stolen by a French merchant named Tanvier. Many believe that the Hindu priest put some kind of curse on the diamond so that anyone who had it would be doomed. It is unclear how Tavier died because of how the story changes overtime, but some say he was mauled by a pack of wild dogs while others think he lived until he was 84. Whether he lived a long time or not, he did in fact sell it to the Hope Diamond to King Louis XVⅠ. The diamond remained in the royal family until the French Revolution when King Louis XV (Louis XVⅠ’s grandson) ruled France. The curse of the diamond may have brought the fate of King Louis XV and his wife, Mary Antoinette. Unfortunately, the diamond was lost during the French Revolution and it would remain missing for several decades. It eventually does resurface when a man named Henry Thomas Hope buys it and names it after himself accordingly. After Hope’s death, it passed through a few people. The final person to be inflicted with the Hope Diamond was Evalyn Walsh Mclean. The diamond’s curse would result in her children’s death, her husband’s insanity and her ruined reputation resulted from drug addiction. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning it is believed that most of it might have been fabricated by journalists to sell newspapers like it being stolen from Indian Idol, and it also can change overtime after being told repeatedly several times. Unfortunately, time travel does not exist, so there is no way to see if the diamond was actually cursed.


Some stories will forever remain a phenomenon, we just have to leave it up to our imagination and theories to come up with possible ideas. If only we could time travel, or talk to aliens, we would know what causes the strange occurrences.