What is the Big Deal with Essential Oils?


These cute little sugar scrubs really make great gifts. I made some for my friends, and they absolutely loved them.

Grace Wood, Staff Writer

Essential oils seem to be on the rise lately, but where did this sudden popularity come from? As Walmart and Kroger begin to stock their shelves with oils and diffusers, it makes you wonder what is so good about these products and if investing in them is really worth it. I started getting interested in essential oils when my aunt made me a fash wash out of a variety of different essential oils that really worked well for my skin. My face felt significantly better after using it; it was no longer dried out and it felt really smooth. Before introducing me to these, my aunt discovered essential oils  when she learned how many chemicals are used in everyday items such as  soap and house cleaning products. products that could potentially  cause cancer. Moreover, she used to take care of a mother who suffered with cancer and learned from her how much better it is to use natural products.


My aunt is not the only one who looked for alternatives to chemical filled products, an influx of people have looked into finding more natural and healthy ways to improve their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Essential oils have been able to become increasingly popular because they are natural. There are so many modern medicines with so many different side effects and as a result, sometimes looking for alternatives is the best option. From meditating to yoga, essential oils have been around for thousands of years and still work to this day. So why not use them?


Some modern medicines do more harm than good, so replacing at least some of them might just help the balance between natural and modern remedies. For example, if you look at the side effects of anxiety medicines, it is found that they can possibly worsen anxiety or cause depression. Aromatherapy can help relieve anxiety but without the risk of the harmful side effects. Although aromatherapy is not for everyone, Many people have found that it works for them. Even if does not reduce stress or cure your anxieties, it still smells really great. All in all, it does not hurt to try them out because they are all natural.

How to use essential oils?

There are many ways you can use essential oils with each one there are multiple uses to benefit your mental/physical health. Here are some ways you can use them for everyday life. Putting a few drop of lavender on your neck can help to reduce stress, which is great when you are trying to finish a mountain  of homework. My personal favorite, rosemary, is used to improve concentration. Essential oils are also useful for making beauty products just like my face wash. Below are directions for a DIY sugar scrub. It is really easy to make, and they are amazing gifts for your friends. If you want to learn more about how to use essential oils, click this link! Pinterest also has hundreds of different ways to use them.

**Note: Make sure your essential oils are 100% pure before buying them.

Sugar Scrub


1-1 ½  cup of coconut oil

1 ½ -2 cups of sugar

1-2 tablespoon of your favorite 100% pure essential oil

A big bowl

A sturdy spoon

Kitchen mixer

**Note: You may have to adjust the ingredients. Will explain more in the steps.


  1. The coconut oil is really tough to get out of an container, which is why you really need to have a good spoon. Putting it in the microwave for 15-25 seconds in the microwave will help soften the coconut oil.
  2. Add the sugar and the oil into the bowl along with the essential oil. I recommend using peppermint and lavender together in the scrub. Thoroughly mix the ingredients together with the mixer; it is important that you make sure it is mixed together very well. If it is not mixing well or it is dry, add another half cup of coconut oil. If it’s too creamy, add a little more sugar in it.
  3. Scoop up the sugar scrub and put in a secure container such as a mason jar and decorate with twine or ribbon. And you are done! You should be able to make 2-3 jars in one batch depending on the size of the container.