Strong and Determined NFHS JROTC team takes on the Raider Meet competition in the last heat of September


JROTC team huddles before Raider meet competition begins.

Katie Harrill, Staff Writer

  On Sept. 8, from 6 a.m to 2 p.m,  the NFHS JROTC team participated in the Raider Meet, a competition hosted by Lumpkin High School. The meet consists of six events which tests the endurance of each participant. In all six events, the NFHS coed team won first place overall, with the female NFHS team following close behind at second place.

Jacqueline Palmer said, “It was plenty hard. We were exhausted by the end of all six events.”

With the NFHS team taking the top two winning spots, there was a lot of hard work involved. The teams participated in six events including an obstacle course, a cross country rescue, in which the team ran through the woods with weighted backpacks, and a stretcher loaded with a weighted duffel bag on it, a 5K run, a HMMWV pull (a rope attached to the front of a HMMWV vehicle and the team pulls it a certain distance), as well as the “beast” event.

Collin Chamberlain concludes, “It was really challenging, but overall a fun experience.”