What Makes “Dear Evan Hansen” so Essential for Today’s Generation?



Dear Evan Hansen is an inspirational musical. This is a collage of the show’s memorable moments. (Taken from google images)

Katie Harrill, Staff Writer

In the past two years, several new musicals have made their debuts on the Broadway stage, one of these new musicals being “Dear Evan Hansen.” The Broadway phenomenon first appeared July 2015, eliciting an immediate reaction from the public.

“Dear Evan Hansen” shares the story of a teenage boy with severe social anxiety. Although Evan has an anxiety disorder, he is determined to make connections – so badly that he creates a fabricated story about a fellow classmate named Connor Murphy. Evan’s story allows him to grow close with the Murphy family, and when Connor later commits suicide, Evan finds himself drowning in the middle of the whirlpool he created. As the family grieves the loss of their son, Evan attempts to comfort them by telling them he was extremely close with Connor. The family seeks comfort through Evan, and he finds himself digging deeper into his lie. He becomes the icon of a social movement to raise awareness for suicide, and as the guilt grows inside him, Evan must decide whether to give up the facade and risk losing everything or give into the life he has created for himself and live a lie.

With its fast pace songs, relatable lyrics and important message,  it is no surprise “Dear Evan Hansen” hit home with thousands upon thousands of teenagers and young adults. Many musicals have an impact on people, but what makes this musical so special? Why is this musical so important?

Today’s society struggles with the issues of depression, anxiety, and suicide. If you are not suffering from one of these disorders, odds are you have felt lost at one point or another. “Dear Evan Hansen” has given people hope. Hope is one of the most important things we can have as people; it is what keeps us going, and when it is gone, so are we. The musical centers solely around several lost teenagers, and takes off when one of these teens commits suicide, leaving his family in a lurch. Through the whole show, Evan develops a project called the “Connor Project” in order to keep Connor’s memory alive and help spread hope all over the nation. As a result of tis project, Evan becomes a social icon and inspiration for teens everywhere.

Because the show deals with such relevant issues, it is no surprise that the show has a large impact on people everywhere. In fact, the show is so important to people that the Smithsonian has decided to include “Dear Evan Hansen artifacts” into their collection of important pieces of american culture.

“Dear Evan Hansen” is important to so many people, because it’s something everyone can relate to.  Dear Evan Hansen is relatable to anyone, whether you have a mental, emotional, social, or any other disorder, or have ever felt lost or alone, The Smithsonian is proud to induct the Evan Hansen objects into their museum, and the public is even more excited.

Not only are the Evan Hansen objects being integrated into American History, but the box office breaking musical will be coming to the big screen very soon! That’s right, Dear Evan Hansen is becoming a movie, and the public cannot wait!

he show will be coming to the Fox Theater in April 2019.

With its relatable songs and beautiful crafted story, “Dear Evan Hansen” has earned its rightful place in american culture. The show serves a reminder to those who feel alone, misunderstood, isolated, and unworthy, that you matter to someone. You are not alone. “You will be found.”


If you want to listen to the inspirational music of the show click here.