Top Five Prom Dress Shops

Prom season is right around the corner and the prom dress shopping has begun. There are several stores that carry amazing dresses that ensure you will look amazing. Photo credit:

Kenya Espinoza, Staff Writer

With the start of a new year, prom season approaches quicker and quicker. Many students have already started their search for the perfect outfit to wear on the special night. Though it is exciting shopping for a new gown to wear, it is a very extensive process because many times it is difficult to find a store to purchase one at. Many also turn to online stores because they appear to be more affordable, but most times the product unfortunately does not appear as it did in the images posted. To avoid this from happening, there are a ton of stores that provide its shoppers with affordable gowns.

One of the best places to purchase a gown is Dillards. This store is most commonly known for selling elegant gowns for special events. Though they are sometimes known for having very pricey dresses, they also have a large variety of gorgeous affordable gowns. This store also provides its shoppers with an extended size range, so everyone can find a dress for them. There are a few locations for this store found in Georgia, but the closest one would be the one located at North Point Mall.

Another place that is commonly visited when in search of a dress is My Secret Closet. This place is located in Cumming, Georgia and is home to many gently used prom dresses. My Secret Closet purchases used prom dresses that are no longer wanted by the owner. This allows for the prices of the dresses to drop significantly, making them much more affordable. Since a prom dress might only be used once or twice, many people prefer to not spend too much money on a dress. This business is perfect for that as they have a large variety of dresses for amazing prices.

A very highly recommended boutique is Girli Girl as they specialize in prom and pageant dresses. They provide sizes ranging from 00 to 24; anyone of any size can find their perfect fit. This store has excellent reviews, and most of the reviews applaud their superior customer service and the great quality dresses for the price. Unlike some of the other stores, this boutique offers dresses created by well-known designers. These designers include, Sherri Hill, Jovani, MacDuggal, Rachel Allen, and Mori Lee.

A store that is popular amongst many is Macy’s. Their selection is not as large as the stores that specialize in creating prom dresses, as would be expected. Last year the store held its very own ‘Say Yes to the Prom Dress’ at its location at North Point Mall. Though the variety is not as large, it still offers plenty of cute styles to rock at prom.

Lastly, Cinderella Gowns is also a strongly recommended shop. This place, much like Girli Girl, offers many gowns that are seen featured on various popular dress social media accounts. However, the prices for most of their dresses are relatively high because of the popularity of them. This shop sells dresses made by very well- known designers. The store is a bit far as it is located in Lilburn, Georgia.

All of these stores are highly recommended and include beautiful dresses of every style. They also offer a very large range of sizes, so everyone can find what they’re looking for.