Tiger Woods: “The Comeback Kid” Wins the Masters Once Again


Grace Wood

Tiger Woods celebrates winning the Masters for now the fifth time and winning his first major championship in years. (Photo by Getty Images.)

Grace Wood, Staff Writer

It is no secret that Tiger Woods’ career took a turn for the worse between his divorce, DUIs and many injuries due to playing the game for so long. Many people thought he would never return to being the same player that he once was. It seems his many controversies have put a strain on his golf game and his personal life as well as putting a damper on his reputation; however, Tiger Woods proved them wrong this Masters when he won with 13 strokes under.

The Masters Tournament is traditionally held in Augusta, Georgia each year, and it is one of the most-watched sporting events in America. ESPN reported that an average of 10.8 million people tuned into the Masters this year to watch Woods win once again. For four grueling days, the golfers play in 72 holes in an attempt to win the Masters, which adds up to playing 18 holes a day. Tiger’s score for the four days were 70, 68, 67 and 70. First time winners are honored with the famous green jacket and a nice paycheck; however, Tiger Woods is no stranger to winning the Masters and will just be receiving a nice payment for playing the sport he worked so hard for.

Here are some of Woods’ highlights, leading up to his win this past Sunday, April 14 at the Masters:

  • In the first few hours, Tiger Woods shot two bogeys due to some mistakes that cost him dearly, forcing him to make up those mistakes in later holes. These were holes that Tiger had previously done well on before Sunday, and he could have dropped a few strokes if he had not made those bogeys.
  • Originally, golfer Francesco Molinari was in lead on the scoreboard with Woods following closely behind him. Molinari made a fatal mistake that pushed him into the water on hole No. 12, throwing his game off completely. Hole 12 is known to be the third hardest hole for golfers due to the unpredictable wind patterns that put players in the water. On the contrary, Woods did exceptionally well on this hole, earning himself a birdie. Many were mesmerized by how well he performed, as he did not hesitate to aim for right in the center of the green so that he would have a shot for a birdie, which was the right move because it gave him the push he needed to get ahead.
  • On hole 16, he managed to make a nearly perfect shot, almost landing a hole-in-one. It was truly an incredible site to see as the ball landed on the right side of the green and curved an unbelievable length until it stopped right next to the hole. Woods drove the crowd wild after his fantastic shot to the green.
  • Last but not least, on the 18th hole, Woods missed his chance to make par but made it in for bogey and won the Masters. Tiger Woods has not been able to win a major championship in years, meaning that this was quite significant and huge for him, and it was also a surprise to all.