The Vessel


The ocean blue waves always seem to crash and collide into each other. Photo by Amareen Fatima.

Loving and hating;

 laughing and crying; 

relationships and disconnections; 

these things make up the vessel of life. 


This “vessel” as I call it

 isn’t always the easiest ride. 

The ocean blue waves around me seem to

Always crash and collide, 

Its white seafoam spilling overboard 

With intruding words of regrets and anxiety. 

Those words cutting deep,

Entrapping me into this constant spiral

That sends my vessel plummeting downwards,

By the time I’ve resurfaced, 

There seems to be another wave

With its mouth hanging agape,

Snickering and laughing at me.


I’m no Moses, but I would wish

The seas would part and give me peace. 

Oh, how I wish for peace and tranquillity. 


But I will keep traveling 

Looking out onto the horizon

In hope of a long-lasting peace

From those vengeful sea waters.