A Cup of Green Tea


A cup of green tea to resemble the tea they shared during Annie’s visit of the short story.

Sandie Crest examined the odd-looking rock in her hand and felt overwhelmed with a mix of negative emotions. She wondered why this particular rock looked different than the rest while pouring rain started to hammer on the window. She sat the rock down and moved quietly over to the window. She gazed outside at the tall buildings of New York City and thought of her many opportunities. Sandie always loved the big city and its busy streets; it made her feel excited about the future. 


Something moved outside, or someone moved outside. It was Annie Crest, Sandie’s sister, coming up the path to her apartment complex. Annie had been the most loving sister Sandie could ask for until a few months ago. She grew envious of Sadie’s success and showed it through her spiteful actions. She would purposely run into Sadie and spill her tea over her work clothes, pick fights over pointless topics, and many other nasty instances. Then after a long fight of screaming and harsh words, the two sisters stopped talking altogether.


Annie disappeared into the apartment complex, minutes later Sadie heard a knock on the door. She opened the door slightly ajar and saw her sister shivering as water dripped from her hair onto the floor. Sadie reluctantly let Annie in. 


“Sadie,” she spoke softly, “I’m in trouble.” Tears trickled down Annie’s cheeks; she tried to brush them away, but there were too many.  Sandie held out a chair for Annie before disappearing into another room. She reappeared with a towel and a clean pair of clothes. Without saying another word Annie dried herself and took a seat at the table. 


“Ann, what is going on?” Sadie asked. Annie hesitated.


“I am in financial debt because I lost my job, but that isn’t why I’m here,” she said after a few moments. Sadie pulled up a chair across from her sister. Annie continued, “Please forgive me for what I did to you!” Sadie smiled.


“I have so much to tell you,” she replied and poured herself and Annie a cup of green tea.