The Underlying Truth of Life

Waves battle the currents and the opposing wind. Photo from

The heavy sunlight beams through 


the varying blue-green waters


carrying the souls of the outcasted on their backs


Each minute rolling and rolling, more and more 


Just for another to take its place in the long journey of life 


Each wave with its own personality yet somehow 


Always flowing through with the same end goal, the same desire 


To finally crash, crash and be free, yet no understanding 


They are going to be dragged back into the dark depths


 from where they once were, and so desire to escape from 


the deep, dreadful, vastly unknown 


Yet it’s comforting, as it is the unknown that keeps them on their toes


Once back, they climb to the top, grasping, reaching,


hoping to achieve the goal of leaving this vastness of nothing


And every time tasting a piece of freedom


 but unable to stop the motion that has kept them there forever 


Waves are left only to wonder 


Why they continuously try and break the shackles


That withstrain them for eternity


And although some try and leave this inevitable, repeating prison


None are able, and they trudge on waiting, moving 


forced upon the way of the world with no escape, no life