Time Traveling Storage Cabinet

A storage cabinet similar to the one in the short story. 
Photo Source: Wayfair

A storage cabinet similar to the one in the short story. Photo Source: Wayfair

“So, you’re telling me that this is a time machine?” Teddy Montgomery huffed in disbelief. 

His history professor tilted his head, “Perhaps.”


Teddy Montgomery and Anna Freeman were in detention for the week. They were sent to Professor Augustus Baverstock, lovingly nicknamed Bav by most, to help him sort his papers. The professor was eccentric, to say the least. He had an unorthodox way of teaching, but it seemed to work out, as most students passed his class with A’s. 

“A time machine?” Anna squinted at the cabinet, “How does it work?” 

Teddy rolled his eyes and nudged Anna’s shoulder, “Come on, you don’t think he’s serious, do you?” 


The professor lifted an eyebrow, “What? Don’t believe me?” He tested.

Teddy looked back at him, “Of course not! Time travel doesn’t exist.” 


The professor shrugged and went over to the cabinet. He pulled out all the papers and shelves, so it was completely empty. He lowered it to the ground and climbed inside. Anna and Teddy looked at him inquisitively as he sat in the cabinet, seeming to be looking for something, “Should- should we call someone?” Teddy whispered to Anna. 

As the professor found what he was looking for, he pushed a panel in the top part of the cabinet, and a set of controls popped out. He pressed a button, and the cabinet began to lift into the air. It spun slowly as he smiled from the cabinet, “Well, come on! History won’t teach itself!” He held a hand out to the two students. 


Anna shrugged and climbed onto a desk, taking The professor’s hand as he pulled her in. The professor turned to Teddy, “You comin’, Mr. Montgomery?” 

Teddy looked at the professor’s hand then to Anna, “This is crazy.” He took the professor’s hand and sat next to him and Anna. 

“When to?” The Professor smiled, “The Moon landing? Atlantis? That one museum heist?”


“Let’s clear up one of the weirdest mysteries of all. Who killed JFK?” The professor flipped a switch, and the cabinet jolted forward, and they spun around in the air. Faster and faster until they froze. They were on a familiar grassy knoll. 

There were parade cars and people gathered around the road. They climbed out of the cabinet and looked around. 

“Okay, we can assume the shots come from that direction based on the Zapruder Film and ‘ya know, history.” The professor pointed up at a building.


“Do you realize how many True Crime cases we could solve?” Anna nudged Teddy’s shoulder as they walked to the building. 

The professor looked at her, “No, Ms. Freeman, we can’t interfere with history. Solving one murder would change everything. Stepping on one butterfly, talking to the wrong person.” The professor flipped a switch, “One inference, and you may not be born. Just like your pal, Ava.”


“Who’s Ava?” Teddy asked. 

“See you’ve already forgotten her,” The Professor shook his head, but when he saw the students’ panicked faces he added, “Just kidding. So, who can tell me what the Zapruder Films are?” 

“Wasn’t it the footage of the assassination?” Anna looked up at the sky.

The professor looked at Anna, “Very good!” He opened the door and held it open for the students. They walked in as the Professor spoke, “So! Lee Harvey Oswald was allegedly found on the sixth floor of this building. However, some people believe that he wasn’t the only one involved.” He took them up to the sixth floor, and they saw Oswald leaning on the window. 


“Is that-” 

The professor shushed Teddy, “Yes. Mr. Lee Harvey Oswald.”