Valentine’s Day Is So Cliché


Valentine’s Day? No thank you. I’ll stick to staying single. It’s all too cliché for me. Photo by RedBubble.

What can I say?

I hate Valentine’s Day,

It’s too cliché for my taste,

Couples holding hands,

Couples kissing in public, 

Do you have any self-control?

Not everyone wants to see,

The affection you make plain to see.


Why weren’t you all lovey-dovey before Valentine’s Day?

Why did you have to wait to display all your love in one day?

Buying flowers which cause allergies,

Buying chocolate-covered strawberries end up in more calories,

Leaving you to feel insecure.


The three special words, “I love you.”

It’s a little overused, don’t you think?

When you receive a present, what do you say?

When you see your favorite person, what do you say?


Sorry if you don’t agree with me, 

But what can I say,

Is that I hate Valentine’s Day.