What High School Looks Like in Scrubs


Junior Shawn Chansipaeng aided senior Sydney Jarrard at the America Out football game. Photo by Camden Edwards.

Junior Shawn Chansipaeng works at Northside Hospital Forsyth as a Student Intern. He also indulges in his love for healthcare as an Athletic Trainer Student Aid by providing North athletes with stretches and exercises to prevent injuries and rehabilitate pre-existing injuries. The Raider Wire is recognizing his stellar work as an athletic trainer at our school as it is National Athletic Training Month.


Chansipaeng has always had a passion for helping others and giving back to his community. “The love that I have that brought me into healthcare is [because] I’ve always been a big sports person and loved sports in general, and being an athlete allows me to relate to the students that I work with on a daily basis and alleviate their stress levels with everything that is going on. It lets them get back on the field,” said Chansipaeng. 


At Northside, Chansipaeng rotates throughout the departments working with physicians and medical staff to provide accurate diagnoses for each patient. “Working at Northside means a lot to me because I’ve always wanted to become an orthopedic surgeon. Being at Northside allows me to get hands-on experience on what it’s like and study sports medicine,” said Chansipaeng. 


As an Athletic Student Trainer, Chansipaeng has grown close to his mentors, Aubre True and Sydney Turner. “My relationship with them has grown over the years since I first saw them as an athlete, and working alongside them has allowed me to get to know them more personally and create a strong bond.” 


All in all, Chansipaeng is an excellent example of a Raider and a superb portrayal of athletic training for National Athletic Training Month. His dedication to healthcare while also committing to his education, exemplifying pride, passion and purpose.