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First American Ninja Warrior Crowned

There is an American Ninja Warrior course set up for anyone to try and test their strength. People train for years to participate in the televised event; most competitors begin in small gym courses practicing the same type of obstacles on the real course.

Julie Day, Staff Writer

November 30, 2015

American ninja warrior is a fitness based obstacle course that originated in Japan. The American adaptation is less rigorous than that of its Japanese brother, but still challenges anyone who can make it past the qualifying round. American Ninja Warrior has several stages: city qualifying, city finals,...

New Recreation Center for Cumming

The construction crew has established some beams and frames, as well as the first layer of concrete. The new building has plans to offer amenities and offices that the current building does not.

Julie Day, Staff Writer

September 21, 2015

Early this year, a new recreation center for Cumming, was drafted and set to be finished by October. Due to several delays, the construction was pushed back, but the center will be usable in the year 2016. This building has been an idea for several years; therefore, there are a lot of people happy to...

A Girl’s Guide to Getting Healthy

Drink a little more water, get a little more sleep, and make an uncomplicated exercise plan that would work for you

Gracen Martin and Rhiannon Martin

March 24, 2015

Due to hectic schedules, it is very difficult to be a healthy teenage girl in high school. But our installment in A Girl’s Guide to Getting Healthy shares helpful tips and easy ways to maintain overall fitness, health, and well being while juggling a tough, overloaded high school career. Listen ...

How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

A student hits the gym, working for his New Year’s Resolution.

Jack Dalmolin, Staff Writer

January 21, 2014

What good does the New Year serve without a resolution? Throw a party, celebrate with friends, and say our last goodbyes to 2013 because we have work to do. Every year, millions of Americans promise themselves that they will change their bad habits and improve some aspect in their lives; unfortunately,...

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