Drop of The Sea


A common misconception between ocean and sea being the same is used ironically in my title and subject of the poem. I wanted to capture the overthinking and wildness of my mind in my literature piece. The words underlined also make their own story as well. It is all purposeful, but a little confusing as well. My mind is my own ocean in which I constantly fight with. Photo taken by Hengki Koentjoro Fine Art Photography.

The ocean of my mind

Is both a treacherous and calm ocean in one.

An ocean filled with feelings 

Feelings of love and pure bliss

Of every happy, sad, good or bad moment in life

My life is great, but


My mind controls all,

It makes me feel things I don’t need to.

“Mind and heart go hand in hand.”

No, I don’t think so.

Is what they all say.

My heart is joyous and full of laughter, but my mind is

A storm within itself.

Please stop thinking. 

Gateway to happiness if you get your mind under control.

For one moment. Please?


To have control is hard

Stop right now?

My pleading and praying heard

In this moment, God answers

Heart healthily beats and time returns 

I can breathe now, and the ocean is calm.