A Glimpse into the Mind of a High Schooler

The mind of the high schooler is an enigma. Photo from Adobe Stock

The mind of the high schooler is an enigma. Photo from Adobe Stock

Context: My dear friend was sleeping, and I had a lot of things to tell him. And so, I wrote down everything I wanted to tell him during the class period. Enjoy. 


Did you know Hello Kitty weighs three apples?

We should get a cat. I dunno what we would call it though.

Maybe, we can name him Breakfast


It’s loud in here, if you were awake I would look at you like “You seein’ this?”

I should buy Squishmallows. I don’t know the hype, but they seem nice.

I should also buy a salt rock. I would keep it on my desk to just lick while I work. Lots of sodium.


Do you think there’s a possibility of more colors? Shrimp can see a lot of colors we can’t.

To be fair though, Shrimp are way better than us, so I guess they earned it.

I have the third part of my French midterm today, and I’m sweating a bit about it.

It’s the speaking part which I’m always a bit shaky on.


I’m craving soda. This water is good and hits, but Dr. Pepper also sounds great.

I’m a bit grumpy that they didn’t have the cinnamon rolls this morning; they are pretty good. 

How cool would it be to be an alien? That would be so rad. I mean it, I would do anything to be an alien. Although, I guess we might be aliens to someone else. So, I’m about halfway to being a genuine alien. 


Potato fries? The real crispy ones that have lots of seasoning? I would kill for some of those right now. I’m fighting to not eat my sandwich, but I know I don’t want to go to the cafe today.

Maybe I’ll get a snack, but if we have nachos for lunch I might have to just cave and go to the cafe.


I lost at Cup Pong 🙁

The bottom of my foot itches, but I’m wearing boots. I will be itchin’ till I get home.

Do you remember those McDonalds cups from a few years ago that had lead in them and got recalled? They were Shrek cups if I remember right, I think I had one.


Armadillos are just huge rolly-pollies. They look like it, same thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Armadillo. I’ve definitely seen rolly-pollies but no Armadillos.

My back hurts. I wish I could just lay on the ground to stretch. I think being put on one of those torture racks might be good for my back because lemme tell ya’ I ache like you wouldn’t believe.


When I get home, I should make hot chocolate. I used to not like hot chocolate very much, but it’s kind of growing on me. I’m glad you’re asleep because then you won’t have to hear how loud someone is playing a video right now. 


I probably should’ve been studying for my midterm, but this was more fun. And, I have an A in that class so whatever.


The bell rings in a few minutes, I might wake you up so that you have time to get ready.

I could make mozzarella sticks when I get home too. Maybe I’m just hungry.


I have a few dollars. Maybe, I’ll buy a snack or something. Time to wake you up.

You look like that nap took you to the afterlife. 

I actually think you fell asleep sitting up.