Nothing, Nowhere, All The Time


It all disappears before me… haunted by my own ghost. (Photo by Emma Simmons)

I stand on the cliff edge, stare out to the black

Swirling shades of nothing and nowhere

With the crimped edges of my fingertips

Reaching to the horizon, stretching everywhere

Touching everything

Feeling nothing

Pulsing like that thing growing in the corner

Dying in the light 

Gravity divides beneath me

And the night multiplies.


Am I born of the same dust that coats me now?

A million fingertips touch my eyes

Pulling the color from my irises

Painting the nothing in shades of blue and green

Turning me inside out, right side in

I become nothing

And nowhere

Everything and everywhere collide

Dulling my beige to gray

To black

To nothing. 


There is nothing everywhere now.