Crystal Eyes


The stars used to shine azure blue and white

bullets shot into the air, piercing the charcoal sky

powder behind the curtain, drifting down like snow

and that frozen moment was all I used to know


But crystal eyes were shattered in my seventh wake

silver turned to rust, the ground began to shake

a plague of ink balloons spread across my mind

trapping my memories in dark matter, space, and time


Remnants of blackened strings still stain my neck and head

the poems that I wrote, carved on the footboard of my bed

I have taken my own pistol and aimed it at the clouds

shots ringing out and cracking stars with every single round


I dipped my wilting roses into a molten flame

in the hope that the heat would melt what I became

I wait in gentle patience, drawing circles on my spine

and craft a metal gauge to repair my crystal eyes