Iris Chiofolo

Dylan likes to hang around with people on the beach

Dylan is a bird. A seagull, really. But quite frankly, he has always felt that he doesn’t fit in with his friends. While the other birds want to beg people for food, Dylan prefers to simply be in the presence of humans. Part of it might be because, when he was a baby, Dylan barely escaped from the grasp of a cat. He was yanked off some rocks and dragged beneath a pier, supposedly dead. When he was a teenager, he snuck into a Tesco and stole a bag of chips. He was also banned from zoos all across the continent for being too rowdy, but he doesn’t much like tigers anyway. Needless to say, Dylan is different. He likes to hang out with humans, and he’s a bit of a kleptomaniac, but he doesn’t need to fit in with the other birds because he’s happy the way he is.