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Photo taken by Emma Franklin, a Kennesaw freshman, of the LGBT+ center at Kennesaw State University. The mission of the center is to provide a safe and supportive zone for people of all gender identities and sexualities.

Pride-Filled College Campuses in Georgia

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor September 2, 2015

Going to college in Georgia can be challenging considerably more so if one is a member of the LGBT+ society, but there are still some schools that are outwardly pride positive. For the most part, college...

Looking in the mirror should reflect oneself, not the image of what others want. When someone looks in the mirror, they should be happy with the person standing on the other side.

Self-love Above All Else

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer March 2, 2015

Many people make the mistake of establishing their entire lives on the judgment of others. They do not live as themselves; they live instead in fear of rejection, as puppets, so to say, of what other people...

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