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Students of North Forsyth High School stand with signs to represent groups they are a part of, but are scared to actively advocate for. All things in life have good and bad side to them, but when people have to hide their thoughts and beliefs because the word itself brings a nasty taste to people’s mouths, there is a problem. All of these started out with good intentions, to help save people and bring equality, but are now tarnished by members within the advocacy group itself.

Social Justice Movements: Good in Theory, Troublesome in Practice

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor September 23, 2016

Humans are opinionated by nature and when it comes to a matter of civil rights, we are doubly so; but is that always a good thing? The thoughts themselves are very logical. Black lives do matter. Women...

Kapernick’s simple act of sitting has both inspired admiration and hate. (Source:

Colin Kapernick’s “Athemgate” Rages On

Seth Anderson, Staff Writer September 21, 2016

Colin Kapernick is at the center of controversy for multiple incidents involving both the National Anthem and police officers. The first was during a preseason game he decided, as an act of protest, to...

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