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This is a photograph of a cat named Mittens. Her photo was taken by her owner, Emma Franklin.  Thank you, Emma. As you may have noticed, Mittens is adorable ball of fur, and thus, it is mandatory as a farer of the internet to give her your undivided attention. An accompanying ‘aw’ is optional, but highly encouraged. Now, poor Mittens is at risk. You see, every time you scroll further down to a story about a man named Thomas, you make a kitten cry. And when a kitten cries, the world cries with it. And when the world cries with it, the very order of our carefully crafted society starts to fall into depressed ruin. And when society falls into depressed ruin, all the cats in the world will band together to form a new feline-dictatorship, with Mittens as supreme-master president/dictator.

The Button Part 2

Colin Bergen, Staff Writer January 29, 2015

Hello, and welcome to part two. In this part, you will continue the story that was first laid out in part one. If you have not read part one, then obviously you made a mistake in coming here.  Shame on...

“The note said “ever” four times. Now Thomas knew this was serious. This button, simple as it may appear, was dangerous”

The Button: Part One

Colin Bergen, Staff Writer December 15, 2014

So. Where to begin? Or, perhaps a better question: why are you here? No. I’m serious. Why are you here? You don’t have to answer me. I can’t hear you, after all. I’m just a piece of paper,...

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