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The Notre Dame Cathedral in France caught fire on Apr. 15. France mourns the loss of the heart of the country, a beloved piece of gothic art and a symbol of the Catholic Church. (Photo by

An Ode to Notre Dame

Abby Marks, Features Editor April 22, 2019

With a broken heart, France mourns the architectural beauty that was once the Notre Dame Cathedral, first built in the 11th century. The fire started on April 15 and raged on throughout the day, burning...

Ash and Flame; that’s all we are.  The ash to give us shape, and the fire to hold us together.

Ash on the Clockface

Bim Peacock, Literature Editor October 12, 2015

“This darkness is beautiful, in an odd way.  Is it not?” came a voice. “Father, it is not darkness; it is the very fabric of absence.  Not even darkness lies out there,” came another. “Hrmph. ...

Bonfires are easy to conduct and entertaining. A hot bonfire on a cold autumn’s night is perfect for the seasons’ spirit. The fore fills you with physical and emotional warmth as well.

How to Build the Perfect Bonfire

Kristin Iler, Staff Writer November 20, 2014

As days are becoming shorter, the leaves are turning an array of colors, and delicately gliding off of the trees. Evenings are coming alive, and the most popular event of this season is building a bonfire....

Within fears, there are wonders.


Savannah Keith, Staff Writer May 2, 2014

No matter the twisted giggles of shiver that itch their way up my spine, There’s a poised and poisoned reason that traces hands of halfway bind And throughout the world of magick talk there are girls...

Simmering, waiting, watching for its next victim.


Bim Peacock, Staff writer February 7, 2014

“Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning…” The sky rose with bloody light as the flames of the future ignited the land.  The trees shook and creaked, shuddering as they foresaw death on...

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