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 Missing her. She’s so me.

Little for a Little Longer

Abbey Underhill, Staff Writer March 18, 2024

i wanna be a little girl forever. or at least for a little longer, please. i need more than two months,  at least just one more year, please.   i can’t be grown.  i can’t leave...

Even as we change, the places where we grew up stay the same.

An Ode to Small Italian Restaurants and Growing Up

Abbey Underhill, Staff Writer September 6, 2023

there is an unwilling and unwitting amount of  comfort found at the same table as your  siblings once you grow older   once the ages add up and with them the  number of living spaces...

The art was used with the permission from a DeviantArt user who wished to stay anonymous. “Theres a gender in your brain and a gender in your body. For 99 percent of people, those things are in alignment. For transgender people, theyre mismatched. Thats all it is. Its not complicated, its not a neurosis. Its a mix-up. Its a birth defect, like a cleft palate.” ~Chaz Bono

I Am a Prince

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor May 19, 2017

Dress-up is so much fun; Little eyes glittering in the light. Dressing up like dolls, Zipping up our princess dresses And pulling on our fairy wings, Before finally putting on our crowns...

“When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.” ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

As Seniors In High School

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor December 19, 2016

Life gets bolder. The weather gets colder. We grow older. As seniors in high school, the weight of the world seems to rest on our shoulders.   Words grow sharper. Nights get darker. The...

The following quote was taken from an app called Whisper, which lets people from everywhere share their confessions anonymously with the world. The app lets people register with their school to share secrets with their peers, and this is something an anonymous NFHS student has said, You want to call me childish? Look around and realize that the word child doesnt mean the same thing to you as it does to me.

We Live in a Society that Robs Childhoods

Alex Rodgers, Web Editor April 15, 2016

Long gone are those days that required cooking and shop class as standards in my mother's high school years, replaced by the new generation, being forced to choose sooner and sooner what they want to be...

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” ― Laurell K. Hamilton, Mistrals Kiss

An Ode to My Lost Time

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor November 2, 2015

Drip, Drip, Drop My sanity slowly drips from my veins while I lie alone in my room. I look around to see the world moving, double time, as I remain stagnant. Lying was not my own choice though; O’...

Our school offers both indoor and outdoor trash cans as well as an assortment of dumpsters in multiple places surrounding the school. They all hold our trash, but most of it was not placed in there with our hands, although it should be. There is no excuse for high schoolers to neglect cleaning up after ourselves.

Bottles and Highchairs

Perri Rabbitt, Staff Writer December 15, 2014

I guess it is a little aggravating, or, if I am excreting honesty, a lot aggravating. As the student body resumes the daily class schedule after lunch, the room we presided in has trash left over, spills...

Despite being hidden behind a bouquet of flowers, this smile remains radiant.


Sam Perryman, Fiction Editor October 14, 2014

There was happiness in your eyes. It shines true from above your picked flower. Your nose will be pressed too close against the petals, And your cheeks are upturned in a hidden smile.   This...

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