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Crying Wolf: Society’s Tendency to Minimalize Mental Illness

Phrases which detract from the severity of mental illness have become common in our society.  Is it right to use certain words as slang if it may hinder how seriously people take real issues?
May 9, 2017

It seems to be a constant in our society these days, with teens muttering, “I’m going to kill myself!” after getting a bad test grade, brushing off their neatness as “just my OCD acting up again,”...

Enterovirus D68 Enters Forsyth Georgia

Enterovirus D68 Enters Forsyth Georgia
November 13, 2014

Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) is a respiratory illness that can cause mild to severe respiratory dysfunction, such as an extreme difficulty breathing, and is one of more than 100 types of non-polio enteroviruses...

“Progression of Anxiety”

Even the easiest tasks seem difficult when your chest is in a vice-like grip. Anxiety holds people back until they can learn how to control it. It could be pills, it could be simple breathing
May 19, 2014

I. I’m twelve and I’m scared. My grandpa’s dead. My mom’s crying a lot. My dad isn’t home. I can’t breathe and my chest ...I did this. I’m the one who’s upsetting EVERYONE. II. I’m...

Pride, Disease, Information, and You

Delaying disease response, whether intentional or not, is hardly a new occurrence, but it is a risky one. Half the battle of disease treatment is responding to an outbreak quickly enough.
November 18, 2013

Back in 2003, the People’s Republic of China was accused of undercounting severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) cases in Beijing military hospitals and being slow to deal with the growing epidemic....

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