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Why Books Make Better Companions Than People

It’s amazing how countless universes can exist, just bound in small objects, and be restricted only by the imagination of the author.

Sydney Martin, Staff Writer

May 15, 2017

For those of us who are wallflowers and introverts, exuberant groups of high school students can become tiring to hang around for any long period of time. I often hear others’ conversation several occasions throughout the average school day and it dawns on me how unimportant, unnecessary and somewhat...

Spoiler Alert! How to Avoid Them

Spoilers are inescapable and act as a poison to the human race.

Bella Angell, Staff Writer

March 23, 2016

A spoiler is a comment about an important scene of a book, movie, et cetera that someone may not have previously known. Spoilers ruin lives. How can they be escaped? How can they be prevented? They are inescapable but they are preventable. This article will provide you with information to avoid spoilers....

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