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The red sign conveys the unnecessary influx of hatred directed towards the current state of YouTube, while the grayed out colors represent the growing irrelevance with the site. Photo By: Steven Gresham.

How and Why Youtube is Going Downhill

Steven Gresham, Staff Writer January 28, 2020

I have practically lived on YouTube for the past five to six years of my life (a fact that I am not very proud of), and I struggle to correctly describe my frustrations with the current state of this site....

The new version of the game “Animal Crossing” has been released on the Apple Store and everyone is downloading it.

North Forsyth High School Is Crossing Over To A New Game

Melina Vergilis, Web Editor December 7, 2017

North Forsyth High School. students have recently been sucked into an up and coming game known as “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”, a new spin on the original game released by Nintendo.The game was...

The art was used with the permission from a DeviantArt user who wished to stay anonymous. “Theres a gender in your brain and a gender in your body. For 99 percent of people, those things are in alignment. For transgender people, theyre mismatched. Thats all it is. Its not complicated, its not a neurosis. Its a mix-up. Its a birth defect, like a cleft palate.” ~Chaz Bono

I Am a Prince

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor May 19, 2017

Dress-up is so much fun; Little eyes glittering in the light. Dressing up like dolls, Zipping up our princess dresses And pulling on our fairy wings, Before finally putting on our crowns...

The Wild Life is a fun filled classic story enjoyable for young children. The new film can be seen in theaters across America (image produced by NWave Pictures).

Precious New Children’s Movie: “The Wild Life”

Ramya Raja, Staff Writer September 14, 2016

Newly released animated movie, The Wild Life, is a precious children's movie enjoyable for children of young ages. The animated film was released September 9th and has been based on the 1989 classic movie, The...

Kids are known for their creativity, but sometimes their imaginations lead them to the wrong conclusions.

Childhood Misconceptions

Danielle Stone, Staff Writer September 8, 2015

Over the course of their childhood, many children believe untrue things, and these fallacies will eventually lead to bitter disappointment. In elementary school, “stop, drop, and roll” is drilled...

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