North Forsyth High School Is Crossing Over To A New Game


The new version of the game “Animal Crossing” has been released on the Apple Store and everyone is downloading it.

Melina Vergilis, Web Editor

North Forsyth High School. students have recently been sucked into an up and coming game known as “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”, a new spin on the original game released by Nintendo.The game was originally only available on the Wii or any Nintendo device, but recently, Nintendo released it to the Apple Store. Since it has been released, there have been numerous downloads and it has grown in popularity worldwide.

The game consists of a map and you can create your own character by customizing them with outfits. There are mini games which can reward you with items that you can sell or give to animals. Throughout the game, you will meet many animals in different distinct locations and the goal is to increase your friendship status with them and fulfill their item requests. There are also long term goals which, once you complete , reward you with coins or cash that can be used to buy furniture to decorate your campsite. You are trying to invite animals to your campsite and level-up.

Overall, the game has taken over and hopefully will not go away. It gives teens a chance to find their inner child again. Senior Leilani Gibbons says “Since the game has always been on Nintendo products, I was so excited to hear that it was coming to IOS. It’s definitely taken over my life”.