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  • Last day of school May 23
  • Graduation May 20
  • Finals May 20-23
  • Senior breakfast and awards May 14
  • Virtual Week May 6-10
Teen students using technology as a group to complete school assignments (Photo by Kelly Walsh.)

Technology Benefits Teen Students

Preston Anderson, Staff Writer December 12, 2022

The debate about whether or not the use of technology at school is good for teens in today's society is at its peak. The answer is obvious: technology is for the better because technology provides safety,...

Teenagers are constantly struggling with trying to look perfect. This causes negative self and body-image which honestly isn’t helping their struggle.

Negative Body and Self-Images Are Not Helping Anyone

Kana Mullee, Staff Writer February 26, 2019

Imagine yourself looking in the mirror to see your reflection and not being happy with it. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many teens everywhere. Body image is how and what a person thinks and...

The journalism table was set up and ready to recruit new staff members for the 2018-2019 school year!

Rise Up Raider Review

Melina Vergilis, Web Editor March 8, 2018

Saturday, February 10th was Rise Up Raider day at North Forsyth High School from 9-11 A.M. Many of the rising freshmen were visiting from their current middle schools to check out possible classes and...

The new version of the game “Animal Crossing” has been released on the Apple Store and everyone is downloading it.

North Forsyth High School Is Crossing Over To A New Game

Melina Vergilis, Web Editor December 7, 2017

North Forsyth High School. students have recently been sucked into an up and coming game known as “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”, a new spin on the original game released by Nintendo.The game was...

There are so many books being released in 2017! Which are you most excited for?

The Top 10 Most Anticipated YA Books of 2017

Bella Angell, Staff Writer May 10, 2017

There were many great Young-Adult books released in 2016, but even more are being released in 2017! They range from LGBTQ+ contemporaries to sci-fi and fantasy. These books are released throughout the...

Above is a screenshot from the teaser trailer that was released in October to begin the hype for this new console from Nintendo. At the time no other information had been introduced about the Nintendo Switch, so this video left fans baffled and intrigued for the release. The only piece of information that people were given in the video was that the Switch will be coming in March of 2017 and is planned to become one of the fastest developed consoles of our generation.

Is the Switch the Rebranding of the Company?

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor March 1, 2017

Nintendo has kept the public under wraps about what is has been in the works since the passing of the former CEO in 2015, only to finally enlighten the loyal fans this October with the teaser trailer for...

Classics are nice and they teach us many lessons about life, but do we have to read all classics during the school year? We need young- adult novels in our lives!

Why All These Classics?

Bella Angell, Staff Writer May 2, 2016

A topic that many teens talk about is what books are being required to read in school. Pretty much all of the books are classics. There are many high schoolers who despise reading, so they have a smaller...

When will be free from the pressures of society and our peers? When will we triumph due to our own glory? Art credit – Downloaded from Deviantart, username Benedeus.

The Chains of Adolescence

Tiffany Lovell, Staff Writer February 17, 2016

Freedom, an idea presented and yearned forever since the dawn of time by every human being. It is not free, it is not given, but it should be something that everyone can have no matter the circumstances....

“Following straight lines shortens distances, and also life,” says Antonio Porchia, an Argentian poet. If we all lived straight lines, we would have no lives. If we all lived as circles, we would never die.

This Squiggly Mess We Call Life

Rhiannon Martin, Staff Writer October 31, 2014

A circle is a never ending figure with no corners, no branching off, no turns, no backtracking, and no end. Just the same old thing over and over. A line is a never ending, straight arrow pointing in one...

Many young men and women lined up on a dock to take a photo before going to Homecoming. Everyone’s bright smiles show how excited they are for the dance. Mckenna Watson, a freshmen at North Forsyth High School, exclaims, “I’ve been waiting for this night to come all week. I can’t wait any longer!”

“NoFo HoCo” for the Win

Kayla Salemi, Staff October 13, 2014

 October 27 was a crazy night for most North Forsyth High School students. Marissa Marino, a freshman student at North Forsyth, stated enthusiastically, “This is my first year at North Forsyth, and...

Rachael Hosea, sophomore, smiling with her face angled toward the sun in front of the North Forsyth’s 800 building on August 30, 2013.

Playlist: Inspiration

Noelle Walker, Staff Writer September 18, 2013

Lots of people, especially teens, having been going through, or has gone through, a time in their lives where they think they’re ugly, not good enough, or they’re looking for a reason why they should...

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