“NoFo HoCo” for the Win


Many young men and women lined up on a dock to take a photo before going to Homecoming. Everyone’s bright smiles show how excited they are for the dance. Mckenna Watson, a freshmen at North Forsyth High School, exclaims, “I’ve been waiting for this night to come all week. I can’t wait any longer!”

 October 27 was a crazy night for most North Forsyth High School students. Marissa Marino, a freshman student at North Forsyth, stated enthusiastically, “This is my first year at North Forsyth, and so far the homecoming dance has been the highlight.”  The theme ‘Under the Big Top’ seemed to be very popular, drawing in a high attendance rate. “My favorite part of homecoming had to the photo booth, because when students walked in they could choose whether or not to take a picture with their date.” Mrs. Transue, the teacher responsible for the successful dance, stated. It was very well decorated, and one of the intriguing things is that the DJ was one of North Forsyth’s very own senior students.

Though the Homecoming dance was a major success Mrs. Transue did admit that it was stressful at first. The week leading to homecoming was all spirit week, but fortunately, she added, “The morning of the homecoming was surprisingly smooth, and people came to help set it up from 9a.m. until 1p.m.” It was her goal to make homecoming memorable, and I truly believe she achieved it. People left with not only sore feet from dancing so much, but a huge grin plastered across their face. The Under the Big Top dance will surely be an event to remember.