Rise Up Raider Review


The journalism table was set up and ready to recruit new staff members for the 2018-2019 school year!

Melina Vergilis, Web Editor

Saturday, February 10th was Rise Up Raider day at North Forsyth High School from 9-11 A.M. Many of the rising freshmen were visiting from their current middle schools to check out possible classes and electives they could take.

There were tables set up for math, history, English, Spanish, sports, journalism, and a variety of clubs. There were a lot of nervous and quiet 8th graders that were making their way around the school to get more information about classes that intrigue them.

They had a few meetings in the performing arts center and gym to inform parents and students about the possible classes they could take. There was a large amount of information to be given to the families, however there were many teachers, current NFHS students, and counselors to guide them.

Overall, the turnout was excellent and the students that attended received a good amount of information about core classes and electives.