Is the Switch the Rebranding of the Company?


Above is a screenshot from the teaser trailer that was released in October to begin the hype for this new console from Nintendo. At the time no other information had been introduced about the Nintendo Switch, so this video left fans baffled and intrigued for the release. The only piece of information that people were given in the video was that the Switch will be coming in March of 2017 and is planned to become one of the fastest developed consoles of our generation.

Diana Rodgers, Web Editor

Nintendo has kept the public under wraps about what is has been in the works since the passing of the former CEO in 2015, only to finally enlighten the loyal fans this October with the teaser trailer for the Nintendo Switch. This hybrid gaming-system brings a completely different feel into the console industry and is one of the first that Nintendo has made that is directed specifically at a teenage audience. Although Nintendo has always prided itself on being fun for the whole family with titles like Super Mario Bros. and Luigi’s Mansion Nintendo is going to be bringing on titles such as Call of Duty and the Mass Effect for the contemporary teens. Along with titles meant for an older audience, the teaser trailer that was released featured teenagers and young adults playing the new console.

Along with targeting older audiences, Nintendo brought a completely new face to console gaming. With most consoles, there is a split in genre between handheld and stationary, but the Nintendo Switch is blurring that line. You can use it while at home, connected to a TV; however, you can also slide the controllers into slots on either side of a game pad to take it on the go. Along with being able to take the game-pad with you to play, there is going to be an added feature to link devices together via Bluetooth connection to play with your friends one-on-one or with many people in a full out brawl. The Nintendo Switch already has a confirmed 60 titles with close to 50 more rumored to be coming to the platform.

Overall, the Nintendo Switch is one of the most innovative ideas to come to the gaming world in a long time becoming the re-branding of Nintendo as a whole. Several game companies have already pledged their allegiance to the new console saying they will willingly produce games for it including EA, Ubisoft and Dual Shockers, just to name a few. Nintendo is planning to fully embracing their older audiences along with appealing to the higher demand for handheld consoles. More information surrounding the console will be revealed in January of 2017 concerning pricing and a finalized release date of the console.