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There are many things in life that cannot be explained. The trick is to find the beauty in even the small things. Don’t let yourself miss out on the splendor of life.


Rachel (Rae) Lee, Staff writer November 9, 2015

We are alone. All alone in the dark, But somehow, that darkness seems like light To the human eye. That is how we began: In the arctic, barren, and sinister nothingness. They call it...

I find a place with a tree, and I forget about the car as I walk to it. I sit against it, feeling my shirt ride up against the stump as the bark clings to the fabric, and I close one of my eyes. Everything is clear. I close that one, and then I open the other, and everything is the same.

Something Felt, Not Explained

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer March 20, 2015

My hand keeps dropping things. I remember when I first got my own apartment, and I remember how, every day when I got home from work, I’d shed off my jacket, and I remember feeling how it always felt...

The NFHS Academic Team practices after school, preparing for their upcoming competitions. Photo used with permission by Briana Brinkman

NFHS Academic Teams Qualify for Regionals

Jack Dalmolin, Staff Writer November 7, 2014

The NFHS Academic Bowl Team, sponsored by Amy Dykes, is shining again this year. Coming off an outstanding performance in 2014, when the team won state and competed in the national competition, the Academic...

There are struggles, then there are mountains.

The Mountain

Ashleigh Brown, Senior Editor March 28, 2014

His name was Reggie, and he was wearing three hats, the coolest pair of sunglasses I’ve ever seen, and two coats when I met him. I was with my travelling companion, and boyfriend, and we were studying...

Careful, its hot.

O Common Sense, where art thou?

Jacob Blodgett, Staff Writer February 20, 2014

When someone asks, what is common sense, most would say it is knowing the difference between right and wrong, hot and cold. In a way they are right and yet they are wrong. Common sense is about knowing...

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