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Andrew: A Memoir

I did not go to Andrew’s memorial service. It was too much to bear, and he was too far away. I purchased a small monument in memory of his loving soul.

Kristin Iler, Staff writer

January 30, 2015

Most people feel as though their closest friends will always be there for them, but that is not always true. Maybe they just leave or maybe others push them to the boiling point. In fact, they push them so far off the edge that they decide to put their own life to a screeching halt. The feeling of losing...


Despite being hidden behind a bouquet of flowers, this smile remains radiant.

Sam Perryman, Fiction Editor

October 14, 2014

There was happiness in your eyes. It shines true from above your picked flower. Your nose will be pressed too close against the petals, And your cheeks are upturned in a hidden smile.   This season, the fall, has me Nostalgic for now. The smells and the sepia overtones Send...

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