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Chowing Down on Puppy Chow!

Mixing the original recipe with our own twist, we hope to create an exquisite Puppy Chow recipe that will leave everyone wanting more.

Rayanne Griffith and Beattie Hoyle

April 23, 2014

Who doesn’t love to chow down on puppy chow? Whether it’s an actual puppy or a teenager with a serious sweet tooth, the scrumptious sensation will leave one craving more. One bite simply won’t satisfy the taste buds; however, a whole batch will leave the stomach happy and at ease. With different...

Ryder’s Discovery

Gwen’s stupid mutt locked inside a small cage. This stupid mutt has caused Ryder a lot of trouble.

Beattie Hoyle, Staff Writer

March 24, 2014

“Be still, you stupid mutt,” Ryder begged. With a squirmy puppy in tow, Ryder sprinted across the street and headed towards Fifth Avenue. Glancing down at his silver Rolex, he let out an exasperated moan. It was barely noon and he’d already managed to lose Gwen’s expensive Stuart Weitzman’s...

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