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Quality Time

Quality Time is the Best Gift

Katelyn Tillotson, Staff Writer February 29, 2024

Although Valentine’s Day has passed, with prom approaching, many people are finding relationships and could be confused about what the best possible option for a gift could be, with any upcoming celebratory...

True relationships create joy in every moment.

The Power of Relationships

Priscilla Fulwider, Staff Writer February 28, 2024

Relationships come and go Life moves on and so do we As we get older, they begin to show Many of which end with glee   Through the years, they come to be  Usually starting with...

Separations always ends in hurt.

Our Final Moments

Janis Parry, Literature Editor January 16, 2024

  In the final moment, I get to see your face  I will tear up before the sky,  I will tell myself not to cry,  I will make myself believe some frivolous lie,  I will make promises...

Rumors are flying about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s potential romantic relationship.

Swift and Kelce: Dating or Faking?

Iris Chiofolo, Opinion Editor October 3, 2023

Rumors of a romance between singer Taylor Swift and NFL player Travis Kelce have been on the rise, especially after Swift’s second appearance at one of Kelce’s games. On Sunday, Oct. 2, Swift was seen...

A stork, which is a symbol of birth and motherhood. Photo by PNG Item.


Iris Chiofolo, Staff Writer March 14, 2023

Oh, how you are just like your mother. Your chin is long like hers, and your eyes are tilted like hers. You are humble like she is, but neither of you is afraid to stand up for yourself if needed. You...

“break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” -Ariana Grande
Photo designed on Canva with credit to Google Images.

“Thank You, Next” – How to X Out Your Ex

Anna Goellner, Literary Magazine Editor February 28, 2019

Author’s Note: This piece is satirical. In reality, I suggest not handling break ups with casual distaste. You are dealing two hearts in a relationship, so breaking up can go terribly wrong or pretty...

Make 2018 the year you finally win a date!

How to Win a Date in Six Easy Steps

Anna Goellner, Staff Writer April 18, 2018

It is that time of year again: paper hearts, melted chocolates and cheesy romance puns. Couples passionately make-out in the hallway and the kids around you have desks overflowing with pink and red cards....

The amount of technology we depend on everyday is beginning to pile up, but what are we forsaking in terms of relations?

The Technological Race Against Human Relations

Ramya Raja, Staff Writer April 19, 2017

The leaps in innovation and technology have been numerous and astounding ever since The Stone Age. New inventions such as the wheel and the smartphone have revolutionized the way we perceive and interact...

Though our love is young, I do hope it never ends.

“Her One, His Only”

Tiffany Lovell, Staff Writer November 30, 2015

These moments are those I must transcend Yet the happiness ceases to end With the pallor of my skin Upon yours through thick and thin I needn’t worry about tomorrow Because your love is...

Forevermore, I trace where his fingertips grazed leaving chills behind in paths towards the very bones of my being.

Loving on a Stranger

Hailey Yarbrough, Associate Editor September 25, 2015

Never fading, His touch resounds on my skin In a burning rage of melancholy and serendipity Both satisfied and neglected.   Everlasting, Blessed with the unending indention of his...

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