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  • Last day of school May 23
  • Graduation May 20
  • Finals May 20-23
  • Senior breakfast and awards May 14
  • Virtual Week May 6-10
Girls are encouraged to remain quiet in order to allow boys to actively participate and speak out. Despite statistics exhibiting dominant female performance in schools, the stereotypical expectation is for girls to keep their mouths shut, to sit still and look pretty, an all-too-familiar mirror of the treatment women often receive in their adult lives as well.

The Gifted Girl ā€“ Stereotypes in the School System

Holley Murray, Staff Writer January 25, 2017

We live in a world where prejudice based on gender is nothing outside of what is normal ā€“ from wage gaps to social beauty expectations, societal stereotypes influence the way women and men coexist. One...

How far is too far? How can we tell the difference between satire and seriousness? These questions have been approached through many different sides in a bitter war that has gone on for centuries.

An Ugly Matter: Censorship

Brandon Moss, Web Editor January 26, 2015

Achieving a happy medium is the impossible dream. In politics, relationships, and just about anything else one can think of, there are always more extremes and less in between. Censorship in the media,...

We Have a Voice too.

The Horrors of Animal Cruelty

Colin Herbert, Staff Writer September 24, 2013

I was discussing the topic of animal rights with my father today; naturally, my father and I share particularly different views upon the subject of animal rights. The debate got pretty intense due to the...

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