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Holley Murray

Holley Murray, Literature Editor

Holley Murray is ready to take her third year as a Raider Wire staff member by storm as a junior at North Forsyth High School! She enjoys eating chicken wings with her family, listening to all kinds of music, and binge-watching Criminal Minds. Not everything is fun and games though, and Holley also enjoys putting a lot of effort into her schoolwork while also maintaining a job at Esquire Cleaners. Moving forward into this year in journalism, she hopes to grow in her knowledge of journalistic writing while also cultivating meaningful relationships with her peers. Holley hopes that by putting her best foot forward now, she can open up limitless doors of opportunity in her future, perhaps by pursuing a career in journalism.

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The three locations hit by the air strikes were all central to the development of Syria’s chemical weapons program: one research center, one storage facility, and one equipment facility/command post. Currently, no civilian casualties have been confirmed in Syria, but reports state that the strikes dealt a “serious blow” to Syrian military development.

May 21, 2018
You are driving beneath vandalized tunnels and six feet of your own indifference, writing pages and pages about yourself in the second-person as if to project that apathy toward an invisible You. You’re me. I just don’t admit it, because people get uncomfortable when others acknowledge the fact that we’re all driving away from something.

Anywhere North

May 19, 2017
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Holley Murray