Hillary Clinton’s Health Concerns


Clinton greets voters in New York City on Sunday morning, just hours before she would be escorted from the event with complaints of feeling “overheated.” She smiles widely, giving no indication to any potential health concerns. (Photo from anygator.com)

Holley Murray, Staff Writer

After leaving early from a 9/11 commemoration ceremony in New York City, democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton left voters with concerns regarding her health. Clinton has been noticeably coughing throughout her campaign, and left the ceremony on Sunday with reports of feeling “overheated.” That evening, her physician reported that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. The incident of Sunday morning led to cancellation of a two-day campaign trip to California.

While many consider these reports minor, a candidate’s health is a large part of drawing conclusions as to who is most fit for presidency. Most presidents have chosen to keep much of their health information private, and among them are current candidates Trump and Clinton. Presidents have gone as far as to lie to cover up problems with their health. In 1893, Grover Cleveland smuggled a surgery team onto a yacht to remove an oral tumor. Health issues can steer away voters; people will vote for the candidate they believe will be most fit to fulfill their duties. Presidency is a job with many stressful demands and voters will be steered from a candidate that may be unable to complete the job.

As the presidential race progresses, Clinton is expected to recover quickly from the pneumonia. Time will tell if her campaign will be able to recover in the same way.